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    Posted by Lucinda Moebius August 5, 2018

    All of you are AMAZING!

    I love having you all here and seeing your posts.

    I want you to know I read everything you post.

    This may not be possible as we grow, but until we get so big I need to bring on help, I am staying up on everything you post!

    I am starting weekly challenges. These challenges are for all members at all levels.

    The goal of the challenges are for members to find ways to make the site work for them instead of working for the group.

    Last week's challenge was blog: Either create a blog post or comment on the blog.

    This week's challenge:
    Every member here invite five friends to join this site!
    Give them one solid reason why this site has the potential to do great things for authors, readers and author supporters!

    Posted by Lucinda Moebius June 24, 2018

    I have one more week of regular work and then I am off for the rest of the summer.

    I will be working on the newsletter and advertisement section of this site.

    Consider what you want to contribute to the site.

    Like I said, I created the site. It's your job to add content.

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  • Tristen Lowman
    Tristen Lowman Hello everyone.
    • 13 minutes ago
  • Tristen Lowman
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  • Merri Halma
    Merri HalmaAmy Lehman: Hi, how are you? I haven't been on a while, so I am not sure how to connect with you. But I will do my best to get more active here.
    • Tue at 4:07 PM
    • Merri Halma
      Amy Lehman Hi Merri. I am not as active on here either. I have been busy with getting my manuscript, query and synopsis ready for the query process. I am going to try to be better about stopping by as well.
      • 7 hours ago
  • Merri Halma
    Merri Halma added 2 new photos.
    Lynx on Fire is almost done. Dawn, my writing buddy, and I edited one chapter of it to add to the inside of Haunting of Powell Hall. I uploaded the new manuscript to the Haunting of Powell Hall and hope Kindle Direct Publishing will accept it. I've had...  more
    • Tue at 4:03 PM
  • Michael Berry
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  • Thomas Weaver
    Thomas Weaver has added a new profile photo.
    • Mon at 7:57 AM
  • Sherri Phelps
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  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius Sign up for the Reader's Newsletter!
    Find your next favorite author here!
    • Mar 28
  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius Sign up for the Author's Newsletter!
    This newsletter will contain tips on writing, promoting and all things author related.
    • Mar 28
  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius I'm working on our site newsletters. Yes I said newsletters plural. One newsletter will be geared towards authors and the other will be geared towards readers. Prepare your ads people! I plan on starting the newsletters May 1st!
    • Mar 28
  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius Hi everyone!
    The gofundme to promote the site is up and running!
    We need to grow this site and gain active members.
    Please donate if you...  more
    Building Author Bitz
    • Mar 28
  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius I think we are on the right track with this group. Most of the bugs are worked out, but we need to grow the group.
    I think we have grown as much organically as we can.
    We need to start investing in promotion.
    I am going to start a gofundme page to get...  more
    • Mar 27
  • Thomas Weaver
    Thomas Weaver That feeling when you find out someone read one of your novels (or your twin's, if you have a twin who's a writer) in ONE DAY... :-)
    • Mar 21
  • Thomas Weaver
    Thomas Weaver wrote a new blog entry:
    Excerpt: The Sleeping and the Dead, by Paul B. Spence
    • Mar 19
  • Susanne Leist
    Susanne Leist shared Susanne Leist's video. Welcome to Oasis, Florida. Vampires, hybrids, and so much more.
    Welcome to Oasis, Florida
    Tourists frolic in the sand. Vampires play at night. Your life will never be the same. THE DEAD GAME Series by Susanne Leist The Dead Game: Book One Prey for...
    • Mar 8