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So today is the first day of the 7-7-7 Club, and I thought I'd lead off with the same post as I put up on FB.
I'm doing a cover reveal on May 9th @ 6pm-8pm over on FB (http://bit.ly/UAHM-CR-FB). This is the same cover I revealed here last week, but I'm still excited to share it with a new audience...
As you can see, I created an image for this post, so that I don't risk the text getting cut off...
This month, I challenge Jacquie Rogers , Lucinda Moebius , Claire Plaisted , R. M. Mulder , E. S. Furlán , Greg Alldredge & Amy Lehman
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    E. S. Furlán Here's mine:

    “Your Majesty,” Meto said. He bowed low, the hint of mockery in his...  more
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