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Hey all, I was just about to create a fantasy group when I noticed someone already has. You rock! So I'm just here to say, I am an author but also a REVIEWER, INTERVIEWER and ILLUSTRATOR. I review indie and self-published fantasy novels (fantasy only - cannot stress that enough), I interview indie and self-published fantasy authors and I provide illustration and book covers services. The interviewing/reviewing stuff is through my blog and my lil Youtube channel called The Indie Dragon. For the reviews, once or twice a year there will be polls where a winner will be selected and presented with a nice lil trophy and certificate. I'm still getting it off the ground, slightly hampered by people also sending me sci-fi (do not send me sci-fi, please, I'm not reviewing sci-fi). So yeah, shoot me a mail if you fit the criteria at esfurlan(dot)author(at)gmail(dot)com and I look forward to chatting fantasy. Thanks for having me.
  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius Group creation is only available for level 2 membership and above. Level 1 members can join and comment in groups but can't create their own.
    Right now there are only three members of the page who are officially level 2 or above. since we are in beta we...  more
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  • E. S. Furlán
    E. S. Furlán Yeah, I know. I donated $25 or so to the GoFundMe, I think. I have the receipt somewhere in my inbox.
    March 16, 2018
  • Lucinda Moebius
    Lucinda Moebius I will be granting Supreme membership once we are out of Beta. We are looking at about next weekend to start the final process. I have all of you listed on a spreadsheet ready to grant you your Supreme membership.
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