Now doing a test of a new cover

  • I was excited when I released my last novel. It hit the Kindle shelves with a total thunk. Almost zero sales. I made the book free for a short time, but no good.

    Then I posted the cover on my FB cover critique group. They unanimously pointed out that it not only didn't fit the genre at all, it also made a terrible thumbnail on Kindle. It actually looked like a blob of mud in thumbnail size.

    Based on the feedback, I had my cover artist make a different front. Then I used Xpotiondesigns to rework the typography. I received the finished cover yesterday and released it right away.

    It will be an interesting test to see if this change makes a difference in sales. I'll keep you informed.


    To kick the release off, I once again made the book free. That goes for everyone on this site as well, so grab a copy if you feel the urge. (Link below.)



    First cover above - ugh!

    New cover. Yay!!


    Free on Kindle from April 14 for 5 days - CAN A DRUG ADDICT STOP AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FROM DESTROYING THE WORLD? Thought I'd give my readers a gift and hopefully get a review or two. I'm now writing the sequel.


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    Timothy Bateson It's taken me two years (and a little more) to reconsider how my book cover is potentially affecting my sales. I recently asked a similar question of people I trust, and at least one said they thought my original cover came across as Paranormal Romance...  more
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