• Paranormal NonRomance. Things really do go bump in the night!


    Available as a KU read!

    There really are things out there going bump in the night. Maria Christine lives life at the fringes of society as one of the Were, a race if beings from which legends have been born.
    Vampyre, Were, succubus, feeder - her dark existence stealing life from strangers on the fringes of society will soon change.

    When forced to abandon the only life she knows, Maria finds herself endangered by Were from all sides and learns a tough lesson - she isn’t the scariest thing out there. 

    •By other Were to strengthen their Covens
    •By those with great power to further their own agendas
    •By those who would wipe the scourge of her race and her own special kind of evil from the earth
    •By the Hunter who must kill her to fulfill his destiny, but wants to protect her instead 
    Can she choose between death or life on her own terms or will that choice be made for her? The only constant is her ever present hunger, driving her to feed.


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