Introduction Thread

  • Hi everyone:

    Please use this blog post to tell a little bit about yourself.

    Feel free to post as much information as you feel is relevant.

    Talk about:


    Your books

    What you offer authors

    Your pets

    Or any other topic you fell others here need to know.

     We need to know who and what we have here so please share.

    Remember to include links to your products, social media and websites as part of your profile.


  • Danielle Ross
    Danielle Ross Hi.
    My name is Danielle, but I use the pseudonym T. S. Rider on all my art and stories that I write. I am an avid reader since the summer before third grade. I remember, as a kid I was only allowed 10 books on my child's library card, but my mother was...  more
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  • Thomas Weaver
    Thomas Weaver My name is Thomas. I'm an editor (more info here: as well as a writer; I specialize in science fiction (and a bit of fantasy) for both. My most recently completed project: editing my twin's latest novel, The...  more
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