Spirit Visitor?

  • While making dinner, I heard the sound of a door opening and closing, footsteps and then a woman/girl whisper my name.
    The dog was laying on the section of the floor between the kitchen and the living room. she was in full view of the door, I wasn't. When I looked over she was staring at the door her ears perked forward.
    I stepped out of the kitchen to see who was in my house. No one was there.
    About 15 minutes later I was dishing up the food I heard whistling. My cousin has a light step and he's startled me on a few occasions so I've instructed him to whistle when he enters a room. I turned to let him know I was almost done and he could use the kitchen. He wasn't there.
    No one was there.
    I would say I am going crazy, but there is another person in the house who heard some of these things.
    And the dog. Why would the dog be staring at the front door like that?