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  • Thomas Weaver
    Thomas Weaver wrote a new blog entry:
    Writing Immortal Characters
    • Oct 9
  • Timothy Bateson
    Timothy Bateson Question For The Day - What one book do you keep coming back to read, time and again? - For me, it's Terry Pratchett's "Reaper Man", a story about what happens when Death takes a holiday (#Comedy #Fantasy)
    • Jun 1
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    • Timothy Bateson
      Amy Lehman Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern series and Steven Brust's Jhereg. They are both like comfort food to my soul.
    • Timothy Bateson
      Tamera Reed Beauty by Robin McKinley. When I was little, beauty and the beast was a favorite of mine and I have read it so many times it's fallen apart.
    • Timothy Bateson
      Timothy Bateson Hehehe, I've a number of books that I've had to replace because of that
      • Jun 10
  • Jacquie Rogers
    Jacquie Rogers New release! This time non-fiction with Eilis Flynn. Ghosts Along the Silk Road and Beyond is the first in our Silk Road series of workshops where we explore otherworldly entities. Get yours now!
    Ghosts Along the Silk Road...and Beyond
    Kindle: ...  more
    • Apr 26
  • Timothy Bateson
    Timothy Bateson Hey everyone, and what a book-filled weekend it's going to be... Why?
    Because today is Day 1 of the Brain to Books Cyber Convention & I've had the honor of being the Fantasy Genre Manager for the second year running.

    If you drop in and take a look at...  more
    • Apr 6
    • Timothy Bateson
      Judith Rook I did B2BCyCon once, but couldn't keep up. There was so much happening. I look forward to a report when it's over and you're back among us.
      • Apr 7
    • Timothy Bateson
      Timothy Bateson Oh I'm still all over the place. The key with B2BCyCon is pick the events that will work for your marketing strategy. For me that's giving my time to the other authors to help organize the events. I rarely do much publicity during the event... EXCEPT...  more
  • David Rose
    David Rose added 8 photo(s) to the album Covers by Two Moons Books:
    • Mar 25
  • E. S. Furlán
    E. S. Furlán Though I haven't been able to nail down a schedule yet, I'm still offering #authorinterviews and #bookreviews to #selfpub and #indie authors who write #fantasy. True, sometimes the reason an author isn't signed with a big house is due to rejections, but...  more
    • Mar 25
    • E. S. Furlán
      Christina "DZA" Marie Are you offering to interview authors on your site or do an interview on someone else's site? Or both?
    • E. S. Furlán
      Timothy Bateson How about Urban Fantasy?
    • E. S. Furlán
      E. S. Furlán @Christina "DZA" Marie both, I guess. So far I've interviewed others but I'd be glad to be interviewed too.

      Timothy Bateson yep, urban fantasy is good - as long as it's definitely fantasy and not scifi masquerading as UF (I trust your judgement,...  more
    • E. S. Furlán
      Timothy Bateson Cool. I'm looking to do a re-release in June with a new cover. It's a shape-shifter short story that's been out a couple of years, but with plans to release a couple more stories this year. I wanted covers that match across the series... I'm up for any...  more
    • E. S. Furlán
      E. S. Furlán Timothy Bateson Oh, nice. Yeah, I've got availabilities for both. If you like you can email we at esfurlan(dot)author(at(gmail(dot)com and we can discuss, it's pretty flexible. The only properly reserved and finalised spots taken for interviews right now...  more
  • E. S. Furlán
    E. S. Furlán added 2 photo(s) to the album Art:
    • Mar 12
  • E. S. Furlán
    E. S. FurlánFantasy Fanatics: Hey all, I was just about to create a fantasy group when I noticed someone already has. You rock! So I'm just here to say, I am an author but also a REVIEWER, INTERVIEWER and ILLUSTRATOR. I review indie and self-published fantasy novels (fantasy only -...  more
    • Mar 12
    • E. S. Furlán
      Lucinda Moebius Group creation is only available for level 2 membership and above. Level 1 members can join and comment in groups but can't create their own.
      Right now there are only three members of the page who are officially level 2 or above. since we are in beta we...  more
    • E. S. Furlán
      E. S. Furlán Yeah, I know. I donated $25 or so to the GoFundMe, I think. I have the receipt somewhere in my inbox.
      • Mar 16
    • E. S. Furlán
      Lucinda Moebius I will be granting Supreme membership once we are out of Beta. We are looking at about next weekend to start the final process. I have all of you listed on a spreadsheet ready to grant you your Supreme membership.
  • Susan Hawthorne
    Susan Hawthorne added 6 photo(s) to the album My Published Works:
    • Mar 11
  • Susanne Leist
    Susanne Leist added 2 photo(s) to the album The Dead Game:
    • Mar 8
  • Dawn R. Schuldenfrei
    Dawn R. Schuldenfrei I'm primarily a #fantasy writer, with some #romance thrown in. I read both of course, and I also enjoy #sciencefiction and #horror.
    • Mar 6
  • Kell Inkston
    Kell Inkston Hey folks, what #genre do you write in? I write mostly #fantasy and #science fiction.

    Also, don't be a stranger, shoot me a friend request!
    • Mar 5