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The Pretty Waiter Girls by Greg Alldredge book trailer

Posted by Greg Alldredge
Video design credit: Bachman Designs Video music credit: Kevin Macleod The Pretty Waiter Girls by Greg Alldredge Sy...
Posted March 25, 2018
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  • Judith Rook
    Judith Rook The music is much better than many of the book trailers I've watched. It's very good indeed for the subject matter.
    The timing of the slides seems a little slow to me, and I wonder if there is not too much information on some of them.
    I hope this helps.
    March 26, 2018 - 1 likes this
  • Merri Halma
    Merri Halma What size did you use for your book?
    I liked the trailer, too, and the music.
    I was just wondering if I am sizing my books wrong. Lucinda once advised me to use 5 x 8 or smaller for my books, and I disagreed. Now I'm thinking she could be right.
    March 29, 2018